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Self-Assessment Tax Return Scams

Protect Yourself: Identifying and Avoiding Tax Scams

Phishing emails, calls and texts are becoming more and more frequent in everyday life so being able to spot a scam is very important. The offer of a Tax rebate is very tempting especially when it seems to be coming from HMRC but please be vigilant, these scammers are getting very clever and unfortunately sometimes succeed in taking worker’s hard-earned money. In the midst of Tax Season, scammers are in their element issuing Self-Assessment Tax Return Scams by either email, post or even texting or ringing you.

Self-Assessment Tax Return Scams

So how can you tell what’s real? Let’s say for example you receive an email which states your payment information must be updated in order to receive a Tax refund worth thousands, what would you do?  If caught off guard, this would sound amazing so of course you’d click the link and enter your bank details right? Well just take a minute and think, is this too good to be true? The likely hood is that it is. HMRC wouldn’t request your bank details in this way, any information requested can be verified directly with them either on the telephone, by logging into your personal tax account or via the app. Never call the number which is attached to the email, call HMRC directly on the general number which is found on the government website or from genuine correspondence.

Another way these criminals target people is by calling or sending texts stating you’re about to be fined due to tax avoidance. If you receive a call which is unexpected hang up, you can call HMRC back directly to enquire if this was genuine, the probability of this is extremely slim. The problem is in this day and age it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot the scammers straight away, they appear to know things that only yourself or a government body would, they do their homework and are even calling from numbers which look genuine. The bottom line is never give any bank details or passwords to someone who randomly calls, the threats of fines or offers of rebates can easily be verified directly.

HMRC responded to 207,800 referrals from the public of suspicious contact in the past year to January – up 14% from the 181,873 reported for the previous 12 months. More than 79,000 of those referrals offered bogus tax rebates. Kelly Paterson, HMRC’s Chief Security Officer, said: "With the deadline for tax returns behind us, criminals will now try to trick people with fake offers of tax rebates. Scammers will attempt to dupe people by email, phone or texts that mimic government messages to make them appear authentic."

Reporting Suspicious Activity: Contributing to Cybersecurity

Reporting suspicious emails, texts, or calls to HMRC is crucial in combating tax scams and protecting others from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. Any bogus or suspicious communications can be forwarded to HMRC. Texts can be forwarded to 60599, emails to and scam phone calls can be reported on the website.

Stay Informed, Stay Protected: Empowering Yourself Against Phishing

Staying informed about common phishing tactics and remaining vigilant against suspicious communications is essential for protecting yourself from tax scams. Educate yourself and your colleagues about the warning signs of phishing attempts, such as requests for sensitive information or urgent demands for action. By empowering yourself with knowledge and adopting a cautious approach to online communication, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to tax scams and safeguard your personal and financial security.

Contact Accountants & Tax Experts In Sunderland

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting yourself from tax scams and ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations. As trusted accountants and tax experts in Sunderland, we offer personalised guidance and support to individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of the tax landscape. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable advice and assistance tailored to your unique needs, whether you're seeking assistance with tax planning, compliance, or resolving issues with HMRC. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust Ultra Tax Ltd to help safeguard your financial interests and navigate tax season with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in staying protected against tax scams.

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