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Tax Rebate Calculator

Calculate your Tax Refund 

Looking for an Accountant for your Tax Rebates?


Welcome to Ultra Tax Ltd's comprehensive UK Tax Rebate Calculator.


Calculate your Tax Refund, determine your Tax Rebate, or estimate Tax Refunds easily with our free online Tax Return Calculator. Don’t wait! Use our UK Tax Rebate Calculator to start your claim or contact us for personalised support.


Remember, with Ultra Tax Ltd, calculating your Tax Rebate is just the beginning of maximising your Tax Returns.

Get in touch today to get started with you're PAYE Tax Rebate.

Tax Rebate Calculator Ultra Tax Ltd

How Our Tax Refund Calculator Works

Whether you're self-employed, working under CIS, or receive PAYE income, our tax back calculator is designed to provide precise estimations. Use our tax rebate calculator to quickly figure out how much tax you could get back. Our calculator covers various tax years, including the latest 2023/24, 22/23, 21/22, and 20/21, making it easy to calculate your tax rebate for different periods.

Calculate Your Tax Rebate Now!

Input your annual figures for various income sources including PAYE, self-employed earnings, CIS income, property income, and other revenue streams. Additionally, don't forget to include your expenses such as mileage, tools and equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), courses, and other deductible costs. Our calculator will swiftly compute your potential tax refund based on the information provided.

Getting Your Tax Refund

To start your Tax Refund process, simply fill out your income and expense details in our Tax Rebate Calculator above and click 'Calculate'. Need help? Our Tax professionals are ready to assist you in maximising your Tax Refund. Contact us via phone or email to claim your Tax Refund, or use our handy contact form below to initiate claiming your Tax back.

Our UK Accountants will
make sure you get back the
maximum Tax Refund available

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How much does it cost claiming a tax refund with Ultra Tax Ltd?

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we believe in transparent and fair pricing for our tax rebate services.


Unlike many other tax firms, we do not charge a percentage of the rebate you receive.


Instead, we operate on a standard fee basis.


This means you will know exactly how much our service costs upfront, without any surprises. Our standard fee model means that you are only paying a fixed fee caped at £250 for your Tax Rebate unlike other accountancy firms that take upto 50% of your refund.

Thanks for Contacting us! We will contact you soon

CIS Tax Rebate Calculator

Self-Employed Tax Rebate Calculator

Are you working within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

Find out how much you could be owed with our CIS Tax Rebate Calculator.


It's common for CIS workers to overpay tax. Our easy-to-use calculator helps you determine potential tax rebates based on payments and deductions made throughout the year.


Simply input your earnings and tax paid, and let us do the rest. If you’re due a tax refund, our tax rebate accountants at Ultra Tax Ltd can guide you through the claim process efficiently.

Self-employed professionals, understand your financial health better with our Self-Employed Rebate Calculator.


Tailored to help freelancers and sole traders estimate their overpaid tax, our calculator considers your business expenses, income, and applicable allowances.


It’s a vital tool for ensuring you’re not overpaying tax and boosting your financial efficiency.

How Far Back Can I Claim?

Wondering how far back you can claim your tax refund?


At Ultra Tax Ltd, we can help you recover overpaid taxes going back up to four years.


This means if you've missed out in the past, there's still a chance to claim what you're owed. Don’t miss the opportunity to claim your rightful refund; start your claim process today and ensure you're not leaving money behind.

What are Tax Rebates?

Tax rebates occur when you have paid more tax than you were supposed to.

It's your money, and you deserve to get it back.


Tax rebates can arise from various situations, such as not using your full personal allowance, expenses related to your job that you haven't claimed for, or incorrect tax codes. 

Here are some examples of these expenses:

Work Travel

Public Transport

Food and Accommodation

Tools and Equipment

Laundry and Uniform

Professional Subscriptions, Union Fees, or License Fees

Training Course Expenses

Want to know if you're owed a Tax Refund? Try Ultra Tax Ltd's free Tax Rebate calculator.

Discover how we can prepare your claim for you and help you get the money you're owed from HMRC!

Comprehensive Tax Refund Calculations

Ultra Tax Ltd’s Tax Rebate Calculator UK is your go-to solution for quick and accurate Tax Rebate estimates. Whether you need a self-employed Tax Rebate Calculator, CIS Tax Rebate Calculator, or a simple Tax Refund estimator, our tools integrate all functionalities to provide you with the most accurate figures.

Key Features of Our Tax Refund Calculator:

Instant Estimates: Quickly calculate your Tax Refund, estimate your Tax Refund, or figure out your CIS Tax Refund with our user-friendly interface.
Multiple Income Sources: Whether it's PAYE income, self-employed income, or CIS income, our Tax Rebate Calculator accommodates various sources of income for precise calculations.
Deductions and Expenses: Input your job-related expenses such as mileage, tools, and equipment directly into our Tax Back estimator to calculate possible deductions and maximise your Tax Refund.



Ultra Tax Ltd offer efficient PAYE Tax Rebate Services. Trust Ultra Tax Ltd as Your Authorised HMRC Agent for Claiming your PAYE Tax Rebates. Our Tax Rebate experts simplify the complex world of Tax Rebates and Refunds. If you've overpaid your PAYE Taxes or incurred job-related expenses, you could be entitled to a significant Tax Rebate from HMRC. At Ultra Tax Ltd, we're dedicated to helping you claim the Tax back you deserve.
Our expert team thoroughly examines your Tax records to maximise possible deductions and Tax relief. You'll receive personalised support with a dedicated Tax professional, ensuring your unique needs are met. Partner with Ultra Tax Ltd today to start saving big on your Taxes. Claim your Tax Rebate now! 

Why Choose Ultra Tax Ltd?

As expert tax accountants in the North East, we specialise in PAYE Tax Rebates and CIS Tax Rebates, offering you authorised HMRC agent services to handle your Tax Rebate claims efficiently. Trust us to maximise your Tax Refund with our bespoke Tax Refund Calculator.

Services We Offer:

CIS Tax Rebate Calculator: Specifically designed for construction industry workers to estimate their Tax Refund based on unique tax deductions.
Self-Employed Tax Rebate Calculator: Ideal for freelancers and independent contractors looking to calculate potential Tax Refunds, or calculate the Tax Liability based on business expenses and income.
Tax Refund Calculator HMRC: Our HMRC-aligned tools ensure your Tax Calculations are accurate and compliant with the latest Tax Laws.

Tax Rebate Calculator

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Tax Refund services Ultra Tax Ltd


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Tax Rebate Calculator

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Tax Rebate Calculator

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Tax Rebate Calculator

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