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Welcome to Ultra Tax Ltd - Sunderland's Leading Accountants for Unmatched Tax & Accounting Services

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we pride ourselves on being one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in the UK, renowned for our unbeatable prices and exceptional client retention rate. Founded in January 2023, we have quickly risen to prominence as Sunderland's leading accountants and proudly serve as the front-of-shirt sponsor for Hartlepool United's away kit for the 24/25 season. Our commitment to excellence has earned us 100% client satisfaction and glowing five-star reviews, setting us apart in the competitive accounting landscape. Learn more about your Sunderland based Accountants today and enquire about our tax and accounting services. We promise to be highly responsive and accessible, offering same-day responses to your inquiries and unlimited free consultations. Our team is always here to support you, providing the guidance and expertise you need to succeed.


Learn more about how Ultra Tax Ltd is your leading choice for Accountants in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear and beyond.

Ultra Tax Ltd Sponsors Hartlepool United 24/25

If you're seeking more than just an accountant, but an award-winning tax advisor to navigate the complexities of business, look no further.


 Located in the heart of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, we redefine what it means to be an accountancy firm. We accelerate your path to success with expert human advice, powered by cutting-edge technology. Our approach is bold in strategy, sharp in analysis, and fearless in addressing challenges head-on. Founded with a clear vision, Ultra Tax Ltd aims to provide you with straightforward, honest accountants who are easy to reach and genuinely invested in your success.

We are proud recipients of multiple prestigious awards, testament to our commitment to excellence. As one of the fastest-growing accounting firms in the UK, Ultra Tax Ltd is known for unbeatable prices and an exceptional client retention rate. Our dedication to excellence has earned us 100% client satisfaction and glowing five-star reviews, and we uphold these high standards every day.

Ultra Tax Ltd Our Inception

Our Inception

Ultra Tax Ltd was founded in January 2023 with a clear vision: to provide straightforward, honest accounting services that are easy to reach and genuinely invested in our clients' success. Our founders, who had firsthand experience with the complexities and stresses of financial management, aimed to create an accounting firm that simplifies these challenges for all of our tax and accounting clients. We understand that dealing with taxes and financial matters can be daunting, and our mission is to alleviate that stress for you. We are here to help you maximise your tax rebates, save every possible penny on your tax returns, and see your business flourish. Unlike other firms, we are not interested in draining your finances; our goal is to make tax and business matters as simple and manageable as possible. With a dedication to transparency, integrity, and client satisfaction, Ultra Tax Ltd quickly gained a reputation for excellence in the Sunderland area and beyond.

Our Story So Far

Rapid Growth and Recognition

In a short span of time, Ultra Tax Ltd has achieved remarkable milestones. We have become Sunderland's leading accounting firm, known for our innovative solutions and client-focused approach. Our growth has been fueled by our commitment to delivering personalised service, understanding the unique needs of each client, and providing expert financial advice. We have expanded our services to include a comprehensive range of accounting solutions, from tax planning and compliance to payroll and VAT management. Our partnership with Hartlepool United as their away kit sponsor for the 24/25 season underscores our dedication to community engagement and excellence.


Achievements and Milestones

Since our inception, we have achieved numerous milestones that have set us apart in the accounting industry. Our commitment to excellence has been recognised with multiple awards, including being voted "Best Tax Team of the Year 2024", and “Number One Tax Service Provider In Sunderland”. We have grown our client base significantly, providing services to a diverse range of clients, including individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Our innovative approach has enabled us to streamline processes, enhance client satisfaction, and maintain a high client retention rate.

Ultra Tax Story So Far

Meet The Team

Ellen Drewett Accountant at Ultra Tax Ltd

Ellen Drewett - Accountant


Ellen is a cornerstone of Ultra Tax Ltd, bringing years of accounting experience to the firm. Ellen has worked extensively in various sectors, including corporate tax, tax planning, and tax compliance. Her dedication to delivering exceptional service and her keen eye for detail ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice and support. Her passion for continuous learning keeps her at the forefront of industry changes, allowing her to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Connor Thurbon Accountant at Ultra Tax Ltd

Connor Thubron - Marketer


Connor is the creative force behind Ultra Tax Ltd. As our Chief Marketing Director, Connor oversees all aspects of digital marketing, social media management, and website development. With extensive experience in crafting effective marketing campaigns, Connor has significantly enhanced our online presence and client engagement. His innovative strategies and keen understanding of market trends ensure that Ultra Tax Ltd remains at the forefront of the accounting industry.

john ross Thubron Accountant at Ultra Tax Ltd

John-Ross Thubron - Accounts Assistant


John-Ross brings a fresh perspective and a strong background in finance to his role as Accounts Assistant at Ultra Tax Ltd. John-Ross is well-equipped to handle various accounting tasks, from bookkeeping to financial analysis. His dedication to accuracy ensures that our clients' financial records are meticulously maintained. His enthusiasm for continuous improvement and his commitment to delivering high-quality service make him a valuable member of our team.

Susan Littlefair Accountant at Ultra Tax Ltd

Susan Littlefair - Tax Clerk


Susan leads our client support team with unparalleled expertise and dedication. As a Tax Clerk, Susan ensures that our clients navigate the complexities of tax compliance with ease. She has a remarkable ability to simplify intricate tax issues and provide clear, actionable advice. Susan's role involves managing client enquiries, overseeing the preparation and filing of tax returns, and ensuring that all clients receive timely and accurate support.

Ultra Tax Ltd Mission

Our Mission

At Ultra Tax Ltd, our mission is to empower our clients by providing exceptional accounting support. We strive to offer clear, honest, and reliable financial advice, ensuring our clients can make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. Our team is dedicated to making tax and business matters as simple and manageable as possible, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.


Being business owners ourselves, we know firsthand the challenges you face. This shared experience allows us to connect with you on a deeper level, understanding your needs and concerns. You will never be just another client to us. We are dedicated to ensuring you reclaim everything you are entitled to and save as much money as possible. We provide personalised service and meticulous attention to detail, making sure you always receive the best care and advice.


At Ultra Tax Ltd, we don't believe in binding our clients to long-term contracts. We are confident in the value of our services, so we don't need to. You have the freedom to choose, but we are certain that once you experience the level of dedication and support we offer, you will stay with us. We provide unlimited free consultations, ensuring that you always have access to the guidance you need. If we are ever unavailable, which is rare, we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Core Values

Client Success

Your success is our priority. We aim to provide services that help you achieve your financial goals and grow your business.



We embrace modern accounting practices and innovative solutions to deliver unparalleled service. Our commitment to customer care drives us to integrate cutting-edge services, delivering an innovative and unparalleled customer experience.



Honesty and transparency guide all our interactions, ensuring you always know where you stand. We believe in candid conversations that allow us to truly understand your goals and accelerate the realisation of your aspirations.



With years of experience, our team provides easy-to-understand advice tailored to address your specific needs and challenges. We pride ourselves on delivering professional and reliable services.


Unmatched Support and Accessibility

We understand that financial matters can be complex and sometimes urgent. We promise to be highly responsive and accessible, offering same-day responses to your inquiries and unlimited free consultations.

Ultra Tax Ltd Cosre Values
Ultra Tax Ltd Our Future

Our Future

Innovation and Growth

As we look to the future, Ultra Tax Ltd is committed to continuous innovation and growth. We aim to stay at the forefront of the accounting industry by integrating cutting-edge technologies and expanding our service offerings. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible tools and knowledge to succeed in an ever-evolving financial landscape.


Expanding Our Reach

We plan to expand our reach across the UK, bringing our exceptional services to more businesses and individuals. By investing in our team and leveraging advanced accounting practices, we aim to set new standards in the industry and continue to grow as a trusted and reliable accounting firm.


Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to maintaining our high standards of client satisfaction and service quality. Our future initiatives include launching new service offerings, enhancing our digital tools, and continuing to invest in the professional development of our team. We believe that by staying ahead of industry trends and continuously improving our services, we can help our clients achieve even greater success.

Our Promise to Clients

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We promise to provide personalised, dedicated service tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need assistance with tax planning, VAT management, payroll services, or any other financial matter, we are here to help you every step of the way.


Transparency and Integrity

We believe in complete transparency and integrity in all our dealings. Our promise is to offer honest, straightforward advice and clear communication, ensuring you always understand your financial situation and options. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


Unmatched Support and Accessibility

We understand that financial matters can be complex and sometimes urgent. That's why we promise to be highly responsive and accessible, offering same-day responses to your inquiries and unlimited free consultations. Our team is always here to support you, providing the guidance and expertise you need to succeed.


No Long-Term Contracts

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we believe in the value of our services, so we don't bind clients to long-term contracts. Our promise is that you will choose to stay with us because of the exceptional service and support we provide, not because of any contractual obligation.

Ultra Tax Ltd Promise to Clients

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