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Accountants for Self Employed Individuals

Accounting Services for Self Employed workers  in the UK

Looking for an Accountant?

Welcome to Ultra Tax Ltd, where we specialise in providing bespoke accounting and tax solutions tailored to the needs of self-employed individuals across various industries.


Whether you're a freelancer, consultant, or independent contractor, our services are designed to simplify your financial management and enhance your tax efficiency.

Get in touch today to get started.

accountants for Self employed workers
Accountants for Self Employed Individuals

Expert Accountants for Self Employed Individuals

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we understand the unique challenges faced by self-employed professionals when it comes to managing finances and complying with tax regulations. Our dedicated team of expert accountants specialises in providing personalised accounting solutions tailored specifically for self-employed individuals across a range of industries.

Personalised Accounting Services Tailored to Your Needs

As a self-employed individual, your financial and tax needs are distinct. Whether you're a freelancer, consultant, or independent contractor, we offer customised services designed to meet your specific requirements:

Tax Preparation and Filing:

We handle all aspects of tax preparation and filing, ensuring that you take advantage of all eligible deductions and credits to minimise your tax liability. Our experts stay updated on the latest tax laws to provide you with the most effective tax strategies.


Bookkeeping Services:

Keep your finances organised and up-to-date with our comprehensive bookkeeping services. We help you maintain accurate records, which are essential for effective financial management and making informed business decisions.


Financial Planning and Analysis:

Our accountants assist you in developing a clear financial plan to help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals. We offer budgeting advice, cash flow management, and profitability analysis to enhance the financial health of your business.

Advanced Accounting Solutions
For Self Employed Individuals:

Accountants for Self Employed Individuals

Leverage our cutting-edge tools and expertise to keep your finances in order:

Digital Accounting Software:

Utilise the latest software solutions that offer convenience and real-time insights into your financial health, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.


Cash Flow Management:

Effective cash flow strategies are crucial for maintaining the stability of your income. We provide expert advice and tools to help you manage your finances smoothly.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns:

Our services simplify the self-assessment process, ensuring accurate submissions and timely filings to avoid penalties. Learn more about our Self-Assessment Tax Returns services.

Why Ultra Tax Ltd Is the Preferred Choice for Self Employed Individuals

Personalised Service:

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific challenges and goals of self-employed professionals, ensuring you receive the most relevant and effective solutions.


Expert Knowledge:

With years of experience supporting self-employed clients, our team understands your requirements and the best practices for managing your type of business.

Comprehensive Support:

From initial tax planning to ongoing financial management, we cover all aspects of finance for self-employed individuals.


Based in Sunderland, our accountants are positioned in the perfect location to assist individuals and businesses across the North East. Join us today in three simple steps. Connect with Ultra Tax Ltd, your expert accountants for self-employed individuals, and take the first step towards optimised financial management and peace of mind.

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Get In Touch

Schedule a complimentary consultation with your nearby accountant, either in person or phone call. This informal discussion aims to acquaint us with your needs and provide insights into how we can assist you.

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Chat To An Accountant

We transparently outline the available support options and gladly take on the role of business advisors to assist you in the growth of your enterprise.

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Receive Your Fixed Quote

Our charges are set at a fixed rate and customised to suit each individual's requirements. This ensures that you only pay for the precise level of support and services that you need.

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