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Tax Rebates - Claim Your Tax Refunds Online

How To Claim Your Tax Rebates Online

Understand and claim your tax rebates with "2024's Tax Team of The Year"

A tax rebate, or tax refund, is a reimbursement from HMRC when you've overpaid your taxes. You may receive a tax refund if you were on the wrong tax code. You may also get a refund if you spent money for work or didn't claim certain allowances. There are many additional reasons you might receive a tax refund, which we will explore further on this page.

Let us help you claim your tax rebate today. We will handle all the paperwork and communication with HMRC for you.

"How much tax am I owed back?" - That's the question that every taxpayer wants answering. With our frequently asked tax rebate questions (FAQs), including "who is eligible for tax rebates?" and "do tax rebates happen automatically?", you'll have a better idea about whether you are entitled to claim a tax refund.

Try our free, online tax refund calculator to get a estimate of your tax refund and get started with your tax rebate claim today.

Claim your tax refund now before it's too late. The average tax refund is £3,000 over four years. Don't wait, get your money back from HMRC. Calculate your potential tax rebate today to see if you're due a refund.

Tax Rebates - How to claim a tax refund

How to Claim Tax Back Online

Claim your Tax Refunds online by answering some simple questions on our "Start Your Tax Rebate" page, our expert Tax Rebate Accountants can then assess your eligibility for a Tax Refund and you can determine much you're owed back. We operate on a no win, no fee, so it costs you nothing to enquire with us. 

Our form is designed to guide you through every step, ensuring you provide all the necessary details to process your claim efficiently. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to call or email us on: 01913410142


If you haven't received a P800 tax calculation from HMRC, you'll need to file a tax rebate claim to get your money back.


Here's how to Claim your Tax Back Online with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Fill in Our Tax Rebate Application

Use our simple application form to make a start on your Tax Rebate claim.

Tax Rebate Expert Appointed

Once you have completed your application, a Tax Rebate expert will be notified and begin working on your claim.

Tax Refund Received

We prepare your Tax Rebate claim and send it to you for approval. It is then filed with HMRC, then you will receive your Tax Refund.

Content on this page:

Understanding Tax Rebates

Understanding Tax Rebates: What, Why, and How

What Is a Tax Rebate?

A tax rebate, or tax refund, is a reimbursement from HMRC when you've overpaid your taxes. Here are some reasons why tax overpayments occur:

  • Incorrect Tax Code: Employers may use the wrong tax code for PAYE deductions, leading to the overpayment of tax.

  • Unclaimed Deductions: Many people overlook work-related expenses that could be claimed in a tax rebate claim.

  • Excess Advance Tax Payments: Self-employed individuals sometimes pay more than their actual tax liability due to estimated payments.

  • Emergency Tax Code: Temporary tax codes often result in excessive tax withholdings.

This financial reimbursement occurs when tax deductions exceed actual tax liability or when an individual has paid more tax than they owe due to incorrect tax withholdings or overestimation of taxable income.


To secure a tax rebate, taxpayers must actively claim it by filing a tax return, substantiating their eligibility for various tax credits or deductions they may not have claimed throughout the year such as Office supplies, Mileage costs, Work Uniform, Food Allowances, Accommodation and much more.


Understanding your eligibility for a tax rebate is crucial, as it can significantly affect your personal finances by ensuring that you are not overpaying on your taxes and are receiving all refunds due to you. 

If you need help with claimimg back your expenses click the "Claim Now" button below and find out how much you can claim back.

Why Claim a Tax Rebate?

Claiming a tax rebate ensures you receive the refunds you're legally entitled to. Eligible expenses include work uniforms, business travel, and training courses. Not claiming a rebate could mean losing thousands of pounds.

So if you've pulled out for work related expenditure, are you just going to sit there and be happy knowing that? When you could potentially get up to 29% of those costs back in the form of a tax refund? If you've spent £2,500 over the year, you could be entitled to a tax refund of £725! And that's without looking into other areas...

If you're entitled to a tax rebate, but haven't claimed the tax back yet, the question for you is: why haven't you claimed a tax rebate? 

How Does a Tax Rebate work?

After identifying refundable expenses, taxpayers file a claim substantiating their eligibility. HMRC then reviews the documentation, confirms the claim's validity, and processes the refund. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify Eligibility: We will determine if you've overpaid taxes due to eligible expenses or incorrect tax codes.

  2. Collect Documentation: We will gather the necessary receipts, payslips, mileage logs, and other financial records.

  3. Submit a Claim: We will file your claim directly with HMRC through Self Assessment or other appropriate forms on your behalf.

  4. Receive Your Refund: HMRC processes your claim and issues the refund once validated. We track the refund from submission through to payout and keep you updated throughout.

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we take away the stress from you as a taxpayer, deal with HMRC on your behalf, and claim your tax refund for you with all allowable expenses, deductions and reliefs.

So if completing long winded tax forms doesn't sound like it's for you, but you are looking to claim tax back, claim your free tax assessment with an expert at Ultra Tax Ltd, and let us do it all for you on a no win, no fee basis.

Am I Owed A Tax Rebate

Am I Owed a Tax Rebate?

If you're covering essential work-related costs out of your own pocket, you might be eligible for a yearly tax rebate with Ultra Tax Ltd. Here are some common examples of expenses that could qualify:

Work Travel in Your Own Vehicle: If your employer isn't fully reimbursing you, or reimbursing you at all, claim back the tax portion of your mileage costs.


Public Transport Costs: Ticket costs for work-related travel can contribute to your tax rebate.


Food and Accommodation Costs: If you're traveling for work, food, and accommodation expenses often qualify for tax rebates.


Repair, Replacement, and Laundry Costs: Uniforms, tools, and other equipment repairs or replacements may help you recover some tax from HMRC.


Professional Subscriptions, Union Fees, or Licenses: Include these essential work-related fees in your rebate claim.


Training Course Expenses: If you're funding your own job-related training, you could be owed a tax refund.


Use Ultra Tax Ltd's Tax Rebate Calculator to see if you're eligible for a refund. Contact us to see how we can simplify the process and maximise your tax rebate claim!

Am I Owed A Tax Rebate
What Information Do I Need to Claim A Tax Rebate

What Information Do I Need to Claim a Tax Rebate?

To claim your Tax Refunds online, you will need to provide:

  1. Income Details: Your monthly payslips or P60 form from your employer. If you do not have access to all of your income information, we can assist you in obtaining this from HMRC directly.

  2. Proof of Expenses: Receipts for travel, tools, equipment, and training.

  3. Personal Information: Passport, driving license, or utility bills to confirm your identity.

  4. Mileage Logs: Detailed logs for travel to various job sites or work locations. If you've kept records of where you have been travelling for work, we will calculate the actual mileage performed in order to claim the maximum allowance for your travel.


Ultra Tax Ltd will guide you through document collection and track down any missing paperwork to ensure an accurate, comprehensive claim.

Why Choose Ultra Tax Ltd For Your Tax Rebates

Why Choose Ultra Tax Ltd for Your Tax Rebates?

Decades of Experience:

Our experts handle thousands of claims yearly.


Proven Track Record:

We have a reputation for delivering maximum refunds and only have five-star reviews. Ultra Tax Ltd are voted 2024's Tax Team of the Year!


Dedicated Support:

Our specialists are available all year for questions and advice.


No Upfront Costs:

Pay nothing unless you receive a rebate, with a capped fee structure.

Who Is Eligible for Tax Rebates

Who Is Eligible for Tax Rebates?

Almost any taxpayer who incurs unreimbursed work expenses may be eligible for a rebate. Here are a few groups that often qualify:

  • NHS/Healthcare Workers: Tax refunds for professional fees, uniforms, and travel between care facilities.

  • Construction Workers: Tax rebates on tools, protective clothing, and travel to temporary job sites.

  • Teachers and Educators: Tax relief for union fees, educational materials, and school-related travel.

  • Administrative Staff: Expenses for remote work setups, equipment, and beyond-commute travel.

  • Military and Armed Forces: Specific tax rebates for personnel stationed at various locations.

  • Offshore Workers: Tax rebates for workers frequently traveling to different locations due to offshore assignments.

  • Self-Employed Individuals: Eligible deductions for equipment costs, business mileage, training, and advertising.

Did You Know?


Many self-employed individuals can also claim a tax rebate for eligible expenses. Ultra Tax Ltd ensures freelancers and business owners maximise their deductions while staying compliant.

Are you digging into your own pocket to cover essential work expenses?


Did you know you can potentially get some of that money back through an annual HMRC Tax Rebate claim? Here are some examples of these expenses:

  • Work Travel

  • Public Transport

  • Food and Accommodation

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Laundry and Uniform

  • Professional Subscriptions, Union Fees, or License Fees

  • Training Course Expenses

Want to know if you're owed a Tax Refund?

Try Ultra Tax Ltd's free Tax Rebate calculator.


Discover how we can prepare your claim for you and help you get the money you're owed from HMRC!

Who Is Eligible for A Tax Rebate
Tax Rebate Case Study

Tax Rebate Case Study - Client Success Story: Hannah Lowther

Hannah Lowther, a client of Ultra Tax Ltd, recently submitted her tax rebate and was astounded by the refund she received. After working closely with our team, Hannah realised she could claim more than expected due to unreimbursed work expenses. Here's how we helped her maximise her rebate:

1. Initial Consultation:

Hannah provided details about her employment history and recent work expenses. Our tax professionals guided her in gathering receipts and identifying deductible expenses.

2. Comprehensive Review:

We carefully reviewed Hannah's income records, tax codes, and expense claims. Our team identified opportunities for additional deductions she had overlooked.

3. Filing the Claim:

After collecting all the necessary documentation, we filed Hannah's tax rebate claim with HMRC, ensuring all details were accurate to prevent delays.

4. Success and Satisfaction:

Within a few weeks, Hannah received a substantial refund and expressed her gratitude for the professionalism and expertise of Ultra Tax Ltd's team. She's now a loyal client and continues to rely on us for her tax needs.

Client Testimonial:

"I can not recommend Ultra Tax enough. The staff is amazing, and customer service is 5-star! I am shocked at how much I could claim back, and I will definitely continue using this company. Thank you!!"

- Hannah Lowther

No Rebate, No Fee - No Win, No Fee Tax Rebate

Ultra Tax Ltd operates on a "no rebate, no fee" basis. We charge a transparent, flat fee, meaning you won’t pay anything unless you receive a refund.

Fair Pricing:


Know upfront what you'll pay. Our fee is capped at £250, we don't take a large percentage out of your tax rebate for ourselves like most other firms, we want you to receive the most tax back as possible whilst receiving a professional service from experienced accountants. We charge a small fee in comparision with other rebate providers.


Guaranteed Satisfaction:


Our fee structure aligns our success with yours as we ensure you get the most out of your tax rebate, while we make a small amount per client. You can read our client reviews via our website or directly on Google, we are rated 5 star throughout and ensure you will receive the same service as every other client.

How Much Tax Am I Owed Back

How Much Tax Am I Owed Back?

The amount of tax owed depends on the nature of your overpayment and the eligible expenses claimed. A typical four-year claim could yield up to £3,000, depending on your job and specific tax code.

  • Use our Tax Rebate Calculator to estimate your potential rebate.

  • Common eligible deductions include work travel, training fees, uniforms, and tools.

Factors that could impact your tax rebate:

  • Income Sources: PAYE or self-employment income may affect the amount.

  • Tax Codes: Different tax codes may lead to varying overpayments.

  • Expense Types: Eligible deductions like uniforms, mileage, and training vary by profession.

A common misconception on tax rebates, is that an individual may believe because they've spent £2,000, they're owed £2,000 back. This is unfortunately incorrect. You may have not even paid £2,000 in tax. You are only eligible for the tax portion of expenses.

Calculate Your Tax Rebate Here

Use our online Tax Calculator to get an instant estimate on your potential Tax Refund!

Tax Rebate Calculator
How Long Does A Tax Refund Take

How Long Does a Tax Refund Take?

As HMRC authorised agents, when we process online claims for our clients, it typically take around two weeks to process. However, paper submissions completed by taxpayers can take up to six weeks, particularly after the end of the tax year in April.

  • Avoid Delays: Ensure your claim has accurate documentation and contact information.

  • Monitor Status: Check your Personal Tax Account or reach out to Ultra Tax Ltd for status updates.

HMRC can burn extremely slowly when it comes to paying out tax refunds, but our team consistently chase up your tax rebate to ensure you receive the refund in the quickest time possible.

How Far Back Can I Claim A Tax Refund

How Far Back Can I Claim a Tax Refund?

You can claim tax rebates for up to four years, depending on your income sources and expenses. Here’s what to consider:

  • Changing Jobs: If you've switched employers, we’ll track down relevant documents in order to be able to process your tax rebate.

  • Becoming Self-Employed: Ensure all eligible expenses are claimed through Self Assessment to receive your tax rebate.

  • Stopped Working Mid-Year: A refund may be due if you were taxed on a full year's income but only worked for part of the year.

At current, you can claim tax back from 6th April 2020 up to the 5th April 2024. If you have not checked if you are eligible for a tax refund in any of the past 4 tax years, contact our tax rebate experts today and see if you're entitled to a tax rebate.

Do Tax Rebates Happen Automatically

Do Tax Rebates Happen Automatically?

In some cases, tax rebates may occur automatically. If you've received a P800 tax calculation from HMRC, they will indicate how much tax you should have paid. If you've overpaid, the P800 will guide you through receiving your refund. Claiming directly from HMRC via a P800 usually results in a cheque repayment which can take up to 4 months! Conversely, if you've underpaid, the notice will provide steps to settle up, possibly by changing your tax code.

However, HMRC can't always detect when you've overpaid tax. Here are some scenarios that could prevent you from receiving an automatic rebate:

Stopped Working Mid-Year:

If you stopped working partway through the tax year, your employer likely deducted too much tax through the PAYE system.

Incorrect Tax Code:

An outdated or inaccurate tax code may lead to overpayment without HMRC's knowledge.

Unclaimed Work Expenses:

HMRC may be unaware of your unreimbursed work expenses, such as uniforms, tools, travel, or training.

These situations mean that you might not receive a P800, and you'll need to file a tax rebate claim to recover what you're owed. That's where Ultra Tax Ltd steps in. We have an excellent relationship with HMRC and can manage all the complex paperwork on your behalf. Our experts will ensure every eligible deduction is accounted for and will follow up until your refund is paid.

Maximising Your Tax Rebate with Ultra Tax Ltd


Don't leave your hard-earned money behind. Our team will meticulously review your tax situation and help you claim every penny you're entitled to. With our comprehensive approach, we'll:

Analyse Your Financials:

Review your income, tax codes, and work expenses to identify potential overpayments.

File Accurate Claims:

Submit all necessary forms to HMRC with detailed documentation.

Follow Up:

Liaise with HMRC and keep you informed about the status of your refund.

Get in Touch Today

Reach out to Ultra Tax Ltd to get started, or use our Tax Rebate Calculator to estimate your potential refund. Let us handle your tax rebate claim, so you can reclaim what you deserve.

Extra Cash for You and Your Mates:
£50 Referral Bonus for Tax Rebate Referrals

Help your friends secure their yearly tax refunds and earn extra cash for yourself with Ultra Tax Ltd!

We appreciate it when satisfied clients spread the word about our tax rebate services. That's why we're offering generous cash rewards through our referral program.

£50 Reward:

Receive £50 for each friend you refer (T&Cs apply) who successfully claims their tax refund with Ultra Tax Ltd. This is uncapped and you can refer as many clients to us as you wish, and will always receive £50 per successful client sent our way. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading awareness about our award winning tax rebate services.

​To get started, simply share your friend's details through our Refer a Friend form. We'll reach out to let them know that you believe they might qualify for a refund, and our expert team will guide them through the process.

Earn rewards, help your friends, and spread the word about Ultra Tax Ltd’s hassle-free tax rebate services!

Our UK Accountants will
make sure you get back the
maximum Tax Refund available

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Whats the Law About Tax Refunds

What's the Law About Tax Refunds?

Tax Refund Legislation with Ultra Tax Ltd: Understanding the Law

"Are tax refunds legal?" Absolutely! When you claim a tax rebate, you're not attempting to bypass the system. Tax refunds are a legitimate part of the tax system itself. By not reclaiming what you're entitled to, you're only short-changing yourself.

Key Points About Tax Refund Legislation:

  1. Legally Compliant: Tax refunds follow strict HMRC guidelines, ensuring that you're only claiming what you legally deserve.

  2. Not Cheating the System: You're simply reclaiming what you've overpaid due to inaccurate tax codes or unclaimed work expenses.

  3. Ultra Tax Ltd Keeps You Safe: We handle the paperwork, stress, and risk of claiming your refund. Our team ensures your claim is 100% compliant with HMRC rules, protecting both your refund and your financial standing.

It's completely free to check if you're eligible for a refund with Ultra Tax Ltd. Don't miss out on your rightful refund—contact us today!

Can I Claim Back Tax For Cleaning My Work Clothes

Can I Claim Back Tax for Cleaning My Work Clothes?

Uniform Tax Rebates with Ultra Tax Ltd: Claim Tax Back for Cleaning Your Work Clothes

Can I Claim a Tax Rebate for Cleaning My Uniform?

Yes! If you wear specialised clothing for work, you can claim a uniform tax rebate for cleaning, maintaining, or replacing it. This can include anything from a branded sweater to a full uniform. If it's required for your job, it likely qualifies for a tax rebate.

How to Claim Your Uniform Tax Rebate:

  1. Keep Receipts: Save receipts for the cleaning, repair, or replacement of your work attire. This can include dry cleaning, laundry, or professional services.

  2. Simplified Fixed Rate Expenses: If keeping receipts feels overwhelming, you can take advantage of HMRC's Fixed Rate Expenses system. The taxman provides standard rebate amounts based on your profession, so you can claim without needing detailed receipts.

Workwear That Qualifies for a Rebate:

  • Uniforms with logos or branding.

  • Protective equipment such as safety shoes, hard hats, and overalls.

  • Specialist gear required for healthcare, construction, and more.

Get Started with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Claim back what you're owed by using our Tax Rebate Calculator or by reaching out to Ultra Tax Ltd directly. Our experts will help you navigate the tax rebate process to ensure that your uniform expenses are fully recognised and rewarded.

Can I Claim the Costs of Meals for My Tax Refunds

Can I Claim the Cost of Meals for My Tax Refund?

Food Tax Rebates with Ultra Tax Ltd: Claim Your Meal Costs for a Tax Refund

Can I Claim Meal Costs for My Tax Refund?

Yes, you can! If you travel for work, your food and accommodation expenses can contribute to your tax refund claim. A typical food tax rebate could amount to £250-£500 per year!

Qualifying Work Travel:

To qualify, your travel must involve temporary workplaces outside of your usual office commute. Expenses that count toward a rebate include:

  • Meals and Snacks: From breakfast on-site to snacks during breaks, any work-related meal could be eligible.

  • Accommodation Costs: Overnight stays due to work travel may also be included in your claim.


How to Make a Successful Food Tax Rebate Claim:

  • Save Receipts: Keep receipts, mini-statements, or even photos of menu boards for every eligible meal or snack.

  • Provide Documentation: Any proof of your work travel will help HMRC validate the claim.


Get Your Food Tax Rebate with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Use our Tax Rebate Calculator or reach out to Ultra Tax Ltd directly to maximise your rebate. Our tax experts will guide you through claiming back your rightful meal expenses and ensure that all qualifying deductions are included in your refund.

I Have To Buy My Own Tools For Work Can I Claim a Tax Refund

I Have to Buy My Own Tools for Work. Can I Claim a Tax Refund?

Yes, costs for essential tools for work are often tax deductible. Some examples are:

  • Hairdressers: Scissors or clippers.

  • Chefs and Kitchen Staff: Knives or specialised kitchen tools.

  • Electricians/Carpenters/Mechanics: Hand tools and equipment.

Reach out to our tax rebate experts today to assess whether the tools you have purchased are able to be claimed for in the form of a tax rebate.

I Have to Buy My Own Tools for Work. Can I Claim a Tax Refund?
What Costs Can I Claim for if im Self Employed

What Costs Can I Claim for if I'm Self-Employed?

Self-employed individuals can claim various business expenses to reduce their taxable income, including, but not limited to:

  • Business travel costs.

  • Equipment, tools, and maintenance.

  • Office supplies and work-from-home expenses.

  • Advertising and promotional costs.

Ensure all of your allowable expenses are covered. Start your Self-Assessment Tax Return with Ultra Tax Ltd today - 2024 Tax Team of the Year!

How To Get Started with Your Tax Rebate Claim

How to Get Started with Your Tax Rebate Claim

Begin your journey to claiming a tax rebate by simply reaching out to us at Ultra Tax Ltd. You can easily contact us through our online form below or by phone or email. During this initial step, we only require some basic information to get started this information will help us assess your situation and determine the potential size of your tax rebate.

Once we've received your information, our experts at Ultra Tax Ltd will quickly evaluate your eligibility for a tax rebate. We'll calculate the rebate based on the details you've provided, focusing on work-related expenses that are often overlooked.

After calculating your potential rebate, we handle all the necessary submissions directly to HMRC on your behalf. Ultra Tax Ltd ensures that your claim is processed accurately and swiftly. Our service includes:

  • Filing your tax rebate claim: We submit all the necessary documentation to HMRC, making sure every detail is correct to avoid any delays.

  • Flat Fee: Unlike other services, we charge a flat rate when you receive your tax rebate. We also operate on a "No Win, No Fee Basis", this means you won't be charged unless you get your rebate, aligning our success with yours.

Receiving Your Rebate:

  • Quick Processing: In most cases, the assessment of your rebate takes less than two working days. We promptly inform you about the rebate amount you're eligible to receive.

  • Payment: Typically, rebates are paid out within three weeks, assuming there are no delays on HMRC's side. We ensure that you are kept informed throughout the process and support you in case of any queries or delays.

Opting for Ultra Tax Ltd means choosing a partner who is committed to your financial benefit without any upfront cost. Our no-rebate, no-fee policy ensures that our goals are directly aligned with your own financial gain. Click the Start Now button to start your Tax Rebate or give us a call on 0191 341 0142 to get started.

Tax Rebates


Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about your Tax Rebate.

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Why Cant I Get a HMRC Tax Refund

Why Can't I Get a HMRC Tax Refund?

Not everyone qualifies for a tax rebate, but that's not always a negative sign. Here are some reasons why you might not be eligible for a tax refund from HMRC:

Fully Reimbursed Work Expenses:

If your employer covers all your business travel and related costs, you won't be eligible for a tax rebate on those expenses.


No Temporary Workplaces:

If your job doesn't involve travel to temporary workplaces or job sites, you won't qualify for mileage or travel-related rebates.


Self-Employed Income Management:

If you're self-employed, you likely handle your allowable expenses through your annual Self Assessment tax return. This helps account for any deductions or rebates, but won't result in a separate refund.


Accurate Tax Payments:

If your tax payments were correct and matched your income level, you simply won't have any excess to reclaim.


Other Benefits:

Some workers may receive specific benefits that reduce their taxable income and ensure accurate deductions, meaning no overpayments to refund.


How to Know if You Qualify for a HMRC Tax Refund

If you're unsure about your eligibility for a tax rebate, the experts at Ultra Tax Ltd can help. We'll ask a few simple questions about your work and expenses to determine whether you qualify. Here's how we make the process easy:


​Initial Assessment: We evaluate your recent payslips, tax codes, and work-related expenses to see if you've overpaid.

Accurate Filing: If you qualify for a refund, we'll prepare your claim and ensure it's filed correctly with HMRC.

Follow-Up: We liaise with HMRC on your behalf and provide regular updates on your refund status.


Maximise Your Refund with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Use our Tax Rebate Calculator or reach out directly to see if you're entitled to money back. Our team is ready to help you navigate the HMRC tax refund process smoothly and efficiently.

Why Is My Tax Rebate Less Than My Friend’s?

Why Is My Tax Rebate Less Than My Friend’s?

It's natural to compare your tax rebate with others, especially when friends or colleagues receive higher refunds. However, several key factors influence the amount of tax rebate you receive:

Tax Codes:

Your tax code determines the amount withheld from your income. Different codes account for specific deductions, allowances, and benefits. Here are some scenarios where your tax code might reduce your refund:

  • Incorrect Tax Code: An outdated or incorrect tax code may lead to higher withholding and potential overpayment.

  • Adjustments for Benefits: Company benefits like a car or healthcare may affect your tax code and refund size.

  • Emergency Tax Codes: Temporary or emergency codes can significantly alter your withholding amounts.

Expense Types:

The type of expenses that qualify for rebates varies depending on your profession or industry:

  • Specialised Costs: Healthcare workers may claim for uniforms and professional fees, while construction workers often claim for tools and travel.

  • Travel-Related Expenses: Those who travel frequently for temporary workplaces can claim work mileage or accommodation.

  • Uniform and Equipment Costs: Specific professions require unique uniforms and equipment, impacting eligible expenses.

Income Sources:

Having multiple sources of income, such as side jobs, pensions, or freelance work, can complicate your rebate claim:

  • PAYE and Self-Employment: Balancing PAYE and self-employment income may affect how much tax is withheld.

  • Investment or Rental Income: Additional income streams like dividends or property rentals influence your total tax owed.

Deductions and Allowances:

Your rebate may also differ due to specific allowances or deductions, such as:

  • Marriage Allowance: This allows eligible married couples to transfer unused allowances.

  • Charitable Donations: Contributions to charities could reduce your tax liability.

Overlooked Expenses:

Unclaimed work-related expenses can prevent you from maximising your rebate. Ensure you're claiming eligible deductions like training courses, professional memberships, or business-related subscriptions.

How Ultra Tax Ltd Can Help You Maximise Your Tax Rebate

  • Personalised Review: Our experts will thoroughly analyse your income sources and expenses to ensure you're claiming the maximum amount possible.

  • Accurate Filing: We'll help you avoid errors and file your rebate claim accurately with HMRC.

  • Follow-Up: We'll monitor your refund status and liaise with HMRC to ensure timely payment.


Get in Touch Today!

Reach out to Ultra Tax Ltd directly or use our Tax Rebate Calculator to estimate your potential refund. Our team is dedicated to helping you secure every penny you're entitled to.

Calculate Your Tax Rebate Here

Use our online Tax Calculator to get an instant estimate on your potential Tax Refund!

Tax Rebate Calculator
Advanced Tax Tips: Navigating Common Rebate Pitfalls

Advanced Tax Tips: Navigating Common Rebate Pitfalls

Navigating the tax rebate landscape can be tricky, especially if you're dealing with multiple sources of income or unique work expenses. Here are some advanced tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and maximise your tax refund:

Multiple Sources of Income:

Having both primary and secondary income streams requires careful management to ensure accurate withholding. Here's how to stay on top of it:

  • Identify Primary vs. Secondary: Make sure your primary employer has the correct tax code to apply your main personal allowance. Secondary income from freelancing, side jobs, or investments should be taxed separately.

  • Consolidate Records: Keep comprehensive records for all income streams to avoid discrepancies during Self Assessment.

Changing Employers Mid-Year:

Switching jobs during the tax year can lead to overpayments if your payroll changes aren't handled correctly. Follow these steps to protect your rebate:

  • Update HMRC: Inform HMRC about your employment status changes to receive a proper tax code for your new employer.

  • Collect P45: Ensure you receive your P45 from your former employer to submit accurate details to your new employer or during Self Assessment.

Self-Employed Accounting Errors:
Self-employed workers face unique challenges with allowable expenses and deductions. Missing key deductions or miscalculating your taxable income can result in an inaccurate refund:

  • Track All Expenses: Maintain detailed logs of travel, training, equipment, and other business expenses.

  • Review Deductions: Familiarise yourself with the latest tax rules to claim all eligible deductions.

We can review your Self-Assessment Tax Returns for the past 4 tax years if you feel like you have missed expenses and deductions on a no win, no fee basis.

Professional Subscriptions:

Not all professional subscriptions are recognised for tax deductions. Here's what you need to know:

  • Check HMRC List: Refer to HMRC's list of approved organisations to confirm which memberships and subscriptions are deductible.

  • Gather Receipts: Keep receipts for your recognised subscriptions to substantiate your tax claim.


Get Expert Assistance from Ultra Tax Ltd:

Our experienced team will help you navigate these common pitfalls, ensuring accurate filing and maximum rebates. Contact us directly or use our Tax Rebate Calculator to see how much you could be owed.

Frequently Asked Tax Rebate Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Tax Rebate Questions (FAQs)

Does HMRC Automatically Refund Tax?

HMRC occasionally issues automatic refunds through the PAYE system. However, if you have multiple income sources or complex deductions, you may need to file a formal tax claim to receive a rebate. Automatic refunds can occur if:

  • You've recently changed employers or stopped working.

  • Your employer provides correct tax information to HMRC.

  • Your tax code is updated based on accurate information.

HMRC does not automatically process tax refunds in all cases.

If you've paid too much tax, HMRC will sometimes issue refunds automatically, for example through the PAYE system. However, this largely depends on the information HMRC has about your income and tax deductions.

For specific situations, such as when you have multiple sources of income or have made allowable deductions that HMRC is not aware of, you might need to file a claim to receive your tax rebate.


It’s important to review your tax statement and contact HMRC or seek professional advice, such as reaching out to the tax rebate experts at Ultra Tax Ltd, to ensure you receive any refund you're entitled to.

How Can I Check If I'm Owed a Tax Rebate?

Access your Personal Tax Account via the HMRC website to check your recent P800 tax calculation, or speak to a tax professional at Ultra Tax Ltd to assess your overpaid tax status.


If you are unsure how tax refunds work, it is best to speak with a tax advisor who can assess your unique situation and advise you whether you are owed a tax rebate, or are eligible to claim for expenses on a tax refund.

If you know you've been on an incorrect tax code, have not been reimbursed for work related costs, or have an allowance to claim for, but are unaware of the complex rules and regulations that come along with tax rebates, you're best off speaking to an expert. So why not speak to Ultra Tax Ltd, voted "Tax Team of the Year: 2024" by Business Awards UK.

Which Tax Code is 1257L?

The tax code 1257L is commonly used by HMRC for the tax year 2023/2024. This code indicates that you have a tax-free personal allowance of £12,570, which is the standard amount for most taxpayers under 65 without any additional deductions or untaxed income.

Tax code 1257L is typically issued to individuals, by HMRC, who have one employer or pension provider and no additional untaxed income, unpaid tax, or taxable benefits (like a company car). If your tax code is 1257L, it means you can earn up to £12,570 in a year before you need to pay any income tax.

If you are not on a 1257L tax code, but think that you should be, we can speak to HMRC for you on your behalf and investigate further. It's possible that if you've been on a lower tax code, and meet other criteria, that you could be entitled to a tax rebate.

Can Everyone Get a Tax Rebate?

Not everyone qualifies for a tax rebate, but those who have stopped working mid-year, incurred unreimbursed work expenses, or overpaid due to incorrect tax codes may be eligible. Contact Ultra Tax Ltd to confirm your tax refund status.

It's important to clarify that not everyone is eligible for a tax rebate. A tax rebate, or refund, is issued by HMRC when you have paid more tax than you were liable to pay over the course of the tax year.

You may be eligible for a tax rebate if:

  • You were on an emergency tax code.

  • You stopped working partway through the tax year.

  • You incurred work-related expenses for which you can claim tax relief.

  • You paid too much tax on pension withdrawals.

  • You are a non-taxpayer who paid tax on savings interest.

Each situation is unique, and whether you qualify for a rebate will depend on specific circumstances related to your income and the amount of tax you have paid. It’s important to check your tax summary or consult with a tax professional if you think you might have overpaid tax.

What Documents Do I Need for a Tax Rebate?

Key documents include monthly payslips, P60 forms, receipts for expenses, proof of address, and ID. Ultra Tax Ltd will help track down missing paperwork if needed.

If you are an employee, and are looking to claim tax back, you will need your P60 or payslips issued from your employer. If you do not have this information, we can assist you in obtaining the information directly from HMRC.

If you are a self-employed sub-contractor under CIS, and are looking to claim your tax rebate, you will need records of your CIS payment and deduction statements. If you have lost your records, we can assist you in obtaining the information directly from HMRC.

How Long Does a Tax Refund Take?

Online claims typically take two weeks to process. Paper submissions can take up to six weeks, especially after the tax year ends in April. Processing times vary based on:

  • Claim Complexity: Complex claims requiring further validation or follow-up may take longer.

  • Additional Queries: Any discrepancies or missing documentation may delay processing.

  • Busy Seasons: Tax year-end in April typically leads to longer processing times.

Typically, if you are due a refund from HMRC, the timeline can vary depending on several factors. If you have submitted your tax return online, refunds are generally processed within two weeks. However, for paper returns, it can take up to six weeks.

It’s also important to note that during busy times, such as just after the end of the tax year in April, or towards the January filing deadline, processing times may be longer. If there are any discrepancies or additional reviews required in your tax return, this could also extend the waiting period.

If you haven’t received your refund within these time frames, it’s advisable to check the status directly with HMRC. At Ultra Tax Ltd, we’re here to assist you with any concerns you may have about your tax rebate timing and to help ensure that your tax affairs are in order

Why Choose Ultra Tax Ltd for My Tax Refund?

Flat Fee:

Our capped, transparent fee aligns our success with yours. Our fee is capped at £250, we do not take a percentage like other tax firms. This allows you to relax knowing you're not losing a big chunk of the money you're entitled to. For example, on a tax refund of £3,412, after our fees, you would be due £3,162, but other firms may leave you with only £2,388 if they were to take 30% off you.


Quick Turnaround:

Most assessments are processed within two working days, meaning you will know how much you are receiving in your tax rebate in two working days. So if you're ready to claim your tax back today, our award winning tax team will notify you of your tax rebate figure within two working days from now if you provide all necessary information today!


Dedicated Support:

Our experts are available year-round to process your tax refund claims and provide guidance. We are open Monday to Friday, but our team are that dedicated to their clients, that they will pick up emails out of hours to ensure you are getting the support and service that you deserve.

Proven Track Record:

We consistently deliver accurate claims with the highest customer satisfaction. You can read through some of our reviews via our website, or directly on Google. 

Award Winning Service: 

Ultra Tax Ltd are the 2024 Tax Team of the Year via Business Awards UK: "Commending a team within an accountancy firm or organisation that showcases exceptional expertise, client service and creativity in providing tax planning and compliance services."

Ready to Start Your Tax Rebate Journey?

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