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Register For Self-Assessment - How to Register

We will provide answers to all your questions about registering for Self-Assessment. This includes information on how to register and why it is necessary. We will also share other important details about the registration process.


Our goal is to give you the confidence you need to register for Self-Assessment with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Registering for Self-Assessment is a simple process, but there are important details to keep in mind. Make sure you know the registration deadline and what steps to take as a taxpayer after successfully registering.


What does it mean to register for Self-Assessment?


Registering for Self-Assessment is when taxpayers tell HMRC that they qualify for Self-Assessment. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will review your application and give you a Unique Taxpayer Reference Number (UTR Number). If you know you need to submit a Tax Return with HMRC for any reason, you must register for Self-Assessment with HMRC.


Why do I need to register for Self-Assessment?


If you meet any of these conditions, you must sign up with HMRC for Self-Assessment. You also need to send in your Tax Returns every year. 

  • You are self-employed or a partner in a partnership.

  • You hold the position of a company director.

  • You receive substantial savings or investment income.

  • You possess untaxed savings or investment income.

  • You currently rent out property that you own.

  • Your household receives Child Benefit, and your income exceeds £60,000.

  • You earn income from overseas.

  • You have sold or given away assets, such as a holiday home or shares.

  • You have lived or worked abroad, or you aren't domiciled in the UK.

  • You earn in excess of £100,000 on PAYE income.


How to register for Self-Assessment:


If you are self-employed, you can register for Self-Assessment in multiple ways:


Register For Self-Assessment


If you are self-employed and register for Self-Assessment, you will need to register to pay taxes and National Insurance contributions. This is part of the registration process.


If you are not self-employed, but still need to register for Self-Assessment, you need to complete the SA1 form. You can either fill the SA1 form online to register for Self-Assessment, or you can populate an online form with your information, and print it and post it off to HMRC. You will need your National Insurance Number and other basic information.


After signing up for Self-Assessment, people should receive a confirmation of their registration. They should also receive their Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR Number) in the mail. This typically happens within 3 weeks.


The deadline for registering for Self-Assessment:


If you need to notify HM Revenue & Customs that you meet the criteria for Self-Assessment, or that you owe Tax for a Tax Year, you must do so by the 5th October following the end of the Tax Year. For example, if you are a self-employed person who began trading within the 2023/24 Tax Year, you must register for Self-Assessment with HMRC by the 5th October 2024.


If you already submit Self-Assessment Tax Returns with HMRC, you do not need to worry about the registration deadline. If you are already filing tax returns and have gotten a new source of income, you must report this extra income.


You need to report any new income you have acquired. This additional income must be included in your tax return. You may need to register for Class 2 National Insurance Contributions if you become self-employed.


If you miss the deadline for registering for Self-Assessment and fail to notify HMRC, you may receive a penalty.


What if you already have a UTR Number?


If you already have a UTR Number, you do not need to register again. If you have registered or filed a Self-Assessment before, you do not need to register again. Instead, you will need to reactivate your previous UTR Number with HMRC. You can either do this online through your personal tax account, or by calling HMRC.


Next Steps:


Once you register for Self-Assessment with HMRC, you might wonder what to do next. Maybe you're curious about how Taxes work and need an Accountant nearby to help with your Tax Return. Or you are looking for an accountant service for your small business…


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Register For Self-Assessment

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