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File your tax return online

File Your Tax Return Online

Start your Self-Assessment Tax Return online. Begin now and utilise our HMRC-approved software for accurate Self-Assessment Tax Return filing, handled with ease and precision by Tax Accountants.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns
Simplify Your Filing with Ultra Tax Ltd

Navigating the complexities of self-assessment tax returns can be daunting for many in the UK. Ultra Tax Ltd is here to demystify the process and guide you every step of the way. Our goal is to make tax filing as straightforward and stress-free as possible.


Simplify Tax filing with Ultra Tax Ltd. Start now & let us handle your Self-Assessment Tax Return using HMRC-Approved software for accuracy & ease.

Filing your tax return online with Ultra Tax Ltd is more than just a convenience; it's a smart choice for efficient, accurate, and stress-free tax management. Our platform, combined with the expertise of our tax professionals, ensures that you're well-supported throughout the tax filing process. Join the many satisfied clients who have experienced the Ultra Tax Ltd difference. Start your online tax filing journey today and turn tax time into your time. If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can do so by hitting the button below.


  • You are self-employed or a partner in a partnership.
  • You hold the position of a company director.
  • You receive substantial savings or investment income.
  • You possess untaxed savings or investment income.
  • You own property that is currently being let.
  • Your household receives Child Benefit, and your income exceeds £50,000.
  • You earn income from overseas.
  • You have sold or given away assets, such as a holiday home or shares.
  • You have lived or worked abroad, or you aren't domiciled in the UK.
  • You earn in excess of £100,000 on PAYE income.
Self-Assesment Tax Returns


Self-Assesment Tax Returns
It's essential to note that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) staff is not responsible for advising on how to organise your affairs to minimise tax. For accurate tax management, it is recommended to consult with a professional.
At Ultra Tax we are fully registered with HMRC as a professional tax agency firm. We use multiple accountancy softwares all regulated by HMRC as well as being regulated for AMLR and qualified in financial crime.

We use HMRC approved software to:
  • Complete your Tax Return
  • Calculate your Tax liability
  • File the Tax Return online
  • Liaise with you on the amounts to be paid and when they are due

As part of our service, we analyse your self-assessment tax return for potential tax savings and address any anomalies before submission. Our fixed, competitive price ensures a worry-free experience, allowing you to focus on your business.


Fill In Our Form

Please take a minute of your time to fill in the application form above. It is extremely simple and provides us with some of the necessary information for your Self-Assessment Tax Return

Accountant Appointed

Your application will be submitted to one of our expert Tax Accountants in Sunderland who will deal with your Tax Return from start to finish. This will be your dedicated Accountant, at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tax Return Filing

Once your Tax Return is finalised by your dedicated Accountant here at Ultra Tax Ltd, it is then sent to you for approval. Upon approval, we submit this to HMRC for you on your behalf! Start Your Tax Return Today!

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