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Updated: Feb 28

Are you wondering whether you need to complete a tax return? Let's explore the details, focusing particularly on employed individuals within the PAYE system. At Ultra Tax Ltd, we aim to provide clarity on various aspects of Self Assessment Tax Return's

Self Assessment isn't a tax itself; rather, it's a method of paying tax. Individuals are responsible for completing a tax return annually if required and ensuring the payment of any due tax for that specific tax year. 

When to Consider a Self Assessment Tax Return: 

The majority of UK employees have their taxes sorted through PAYE, exempting them from submitting a tax return. However, exceptions arise when tax affairs are intricate or when additional untaxed income accompanies employment earnings.

Why do I have to do a Self Assessment:

For those mandated to complete a Self Assessment tax return, it's crucial to report all taxable income and gains for the year. Additionally, claim any tax allowances or reliefs you're entitled to during the tax return process. 

Key Triggers for Self Assessment:

In most cases, if tax is deducted through PAYE, the necessity for a tax return diminishes. However, HMRC may send a tax return if there's a need to collect underpaid tax, providing a legal means to enforce the debt. 

Addressing Missing Income in Coding Notice:

If your coding notice fails to include certain taxable income, it's imperative to notify HMRC. They will either adjust your coding notice accordingly or require you to complete a Self Assessment return. 

Exiting Self Assessment Obligations: 

Our guidance outlines the steps to inform HMRC if you believe you're no longer required to complete a Self Assessment tax return. Additionally, if eligible for allowances or reliefs, we guide you on claiming tax back annually outside the Self Assessment system. 

Navigating Your First Tax Return:

Filing your first tax return in the UK involves several steps. Here's a simplified guide:

  1. Register with HMRC:

  • If you haven't already, register for Self Assessment with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You can do this online on the HMRC website.

  1. Gather Necessary Information:

  • Collect all relevant financial information, including details about your income, expenses, and any other sources of earnings.

  1. Complete the Tax Return Form:

  • HMRC will send you a tax return form or activate an online account for you. Fill in the required sections, providing accurate information about your income, employment, and any other relevant details.

  1. Include All Income:

  • Ensure that you report all types of income, including earnings from employment, self-employment, savings, investments, and any other taxable sources.

  1. Claim Allowances and Deductions:

  • Take advantage of any tax allowances or deductions you're entitled to. This might include expenses related to your job or allowable business expenses if you're self-employed.

  1. Check for Errors:

  • Review your completed tax return form carefully to avoid mistakes. Accuracy is crucial to ensure your tax liability is calculated correctly.

  1. Submit the Tax Return:

  • Submit your tax return to HMRC by the deadline. The deadline for filing online is usually 31 January following the end of the tax year.

  1. Pay any Tax Owed:

  • If you owe tax, ensure you make the payment by the deadline. HMRC provides details on how to pay on their website.

  1. Keep Records:

  • Retain copies of your completed tax return, supporting documents, and any correspondence with HMRC for future reference.

  1. Seek Professional Advice if Needed:

Remember, timely and accurate filing is essential to avoid penalties. If you're unsure about any aspect of your tax return, it's advisable to seek assistance from HMRC or a qualified tax professional. 

If you are looking for assistance in filing your Self Assessment Tax Return Ultra Tax Ltd can help you every step of the way.


Please take a minute of your time to fill in the application form above. It is extremely simple and provides us with some of the necessary information we need for your Self-Assessment Tax Return.

Accountant Appointed

Your application will be submitted to one of our expert Tax Accountants in Sunderland who will deal with your Tax Return from start to finish. This will be your dedicated Accountant, at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tax Return Filing

Once your Tax Return is finalised by your dedicated Accountant here at Ultra Tax Ltd, it is then sent to you for approval. Upon approval, we submit this to HMRC for you on your behalf! Start Your Tax Return Today! 

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we're committed to simplifying the tax journey, ensuring our clients can navigate the complexities with confidence. Feel free to reach out (0191 341 0142) for personalised assistance tailored to your unique tax situation.


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