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Should I pay Tax on OnlyFans income?

Yes, when you earn money from any source such as OnlyFans from tips, subscriptions or any other income from individual subscribers, this is subject to income tax and possibly national insurance.


Once £1,000 of untaxed income is made, you need to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return. If you don’t have employment through a company, the personal income tax returns must be filed with HMRC for the profit that is made from the site. This is not just for income made via OnlyFans, it is for any income that is not taxed via PAYE once the £1,000 turnover threshold is exceeded.


There are possibilities of tax deductible expenses if they relate to your business, so for example your turnover is £40,000, you have £10,000 in allowable expenses you’d pay tax on the remaining £30,000. The personal allowance is still available, meaning in the current 24/25 Tax Year, with a personal allowance of £12,570, Tax would be due on £17,430, but National Insurance would also be due.


Why not get in touch with any queries you may have, after all you can get tax relief on accounting fees, so why not have a professional help you to ensure you are utilising all available Tax reliefs.

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