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Security Tax Rebates

Claim Your Security Tax Refunds Online

When you travel to temporary work sites as part of your security job, you likely accrue various out-of-pocket expenses. These costs can make you eligible for a tax refund from HMRC. If your employer's allowances don't cover everything you're entitled to, you can claim a tax refund for a range of expenses, including work mileage, SIA license fees, and the maintenance of your essential gear and uniform.

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we specialise in maximising tax refunds for security personnel. Ensure you're not missing out on the tax refunds you deserve.

Try our free, online tax refund calculator to get a estimate of your tax refund and get started with your tax rebate claim today.

Claim your tax refund now before it's too late. Don't wait, get your money back from HMRC. Calculate your potential tax rebate today to see if you're due a refund.

Security Tax Rebates

How to Claim Tax Rebates Online

Claim your Security Tax Refunds online by answering some simple questions on our "Start Your Tax Rebate" page, our expert Tax Rebate Accountants can then assess your eligibility for a Tax Refund and you can determine much you're owed back. We operate on a no win, no fee, so it costs you nothing to enquire with us. 

Our form is designed to guide you through every step, ensuring you provide all the necessary details to process your claim efficiently. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to call or email us on: 01913410142


If you haven't received a P800 tax calculation from HMRC, you'll need to file a tax rebate claim to get your money back.


Here's how to Claim your Tax Back Online with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Fill in Our Tax Rebate Application

Use our simple application form to make a start on your Tax Rebate claim.

Tax Rebate Expert Appointed

Once you have completed your application, a Tax Rebate expert will be notified and begin working on your claim.

Tax Refund Received

We prepare your Tax Rebate claim and send it to you for approval. It is then filed with HMRC, then you will receive your Tax Refund.


Travel Costs

When travelling to different locations for work.

Food Allowance

When at temprorary work locations.

Uniform Costs

Specialist Uniform required for work, including washing and maintaining.


SIA Licenses and Courses required to fulfil the duties of the job.

Specialist Equipment

Specialist Equipment required for the job.


If paid for and had to stay away from home for work.

Why Can Security Workers Claim Tax Refunds?

HMRC ensures you only pay the tax you truly owe. As a security worker, if you're covering work-related expenses out of your own pocket, you're likely entitled to a tax refund.


This can include using your personal vehicle or public transport for travel to temporary work locations. If your employer's reimbursement falls short of the HMRC guidelines, you have the right to claim back the difference.

Your claim could also extend to expenses such as meals, uniform upkeep, license fees, and professional body memberships.


Use our free tax refund calculator to get an estimate of what you might be owed.

For self-employed security professionals, Ultra Tax Ltd can help manage your rebate through your Self-Assessment tax returns, ensuring you receive every penny you deserve.

No Rebate, No Fee - No Win, No Fee Tax Rebate

Ultra Tax Ltd operates on a "no rebate, no fee" basis. We charge a transparent, flat fee, meaning you won’t pay anything unless you receive a refund.

Fair Pricing:


Know upfront what you'll pay. Our fee is capped at £250, we don't take a large percentage out of your tax rebate for ourselves like most other firms, we want you to receive the most tax back as possible whilst receiving a professional service from experienced accountants. We charge a small fee in comparision with other rebate providers.


Guaranteed Satisfaction:


Our fee structure aligns our success with yours as we ensure you get the most out of your tax rebate, while we make a small amount per client. You can read our client reviews via our website or directly on Google, we are rated 5 star throughout and ensure you will receive the same service as every other client.

Typically, a 4 Year Security Tax Rebate is up to £8,000!


Fill In Our Form

Please take a minute of your time to fill in the application form above. It is extremely simple and provides us with some of the necessary information for your Tax Rebate

Accountant Appointed

Your application will be submitted to one of our expert Tax Accountants in Sunderland who will deal with your Tax Rebate from start to finish. This will be your dedicated Accountant, at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tax Rebate Filing

Once your Tax Return is finalised by your dedicated Accountant here at Ultra Tax Ltd, it is then sent to you for approval. Upon approval, we submit this to HMRC for you on your behalf! Start Your Tax Rebate Today!

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