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What documents are needed to claim a Tax Rebate?

To claim a tax rebate, you'll need to gather some important documents.

If you are employed via PAYE, start with your P60 form from your employer, which shows what your income was and how much tax you've paid over the year.

If you've switched jobs, you'll also need your P45 forms from those jobs.

For any work expenses you're claiming back, keep hold of your receipts or travel records.

If you're self-employed, you should have a clear record of your earnings and business costs, plus your Self Assessment tax returns.

If you're a CIS subcontractor, you should have records of your CIS payment and deduction statements.

Sometimes, you might also need your bank statements to show any interest you've earned.


Keeping all these documents ready and organised will help make your tax rebate claim go smoothly.

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