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How do I know if I've overpaid Taxes?

Determining whether you've overpaid taxes involves a careful review of your income, tax payments, and any allowances or deductions you're entitled to.


Common indicators of having overpaid include changes in your job or personal circumstances, such as not working for the full tax year, being taxed under an emergency code for part of the year, or experiencing a drop in taxable income without a corresponding adjustment in your tax code.


Additionally, if you've incurred work-related expenses that you haven't claimed, or if you've made charitable donations eligible for tax relief, you might have overpaid.


It's also possible to overpay if you have multiple sources of income and the tax deducted at source hasn't been accurately adjusted. Reviewing your P60 or P45 forms, and comparing the total tax paid to your tax liability based on your income, can help identify any discrepancies.

If the numbers don't add up and you suspect you've overpaid, it may be time to investigate further and potentially claim a rebate.

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