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How do I claim child benefit?

You can apply online, by phone or by postal application, all through HMRC.


To begin the application you need your child’s birth or adoption certificate, your bank or building society details, your National Insurance number and your partner’s National Insurance number if you have one.


If your child’s birth was registered outside the UK, you’ll need to send your child’s original birth or adoption certificate and your child’s passport or the travel document they used to enter the UK.


In general, you’re eligible to claim Child benefit if you’re responsible for a child under 16 and you live in the UK. You’ll normally still qualify for Child Benefit if your child is under 20 and they stay in approved education or training.


There are 2 Child Benefit rates, for the eldest or only child, Child Benefit is £24.00 per week, any additional children it’s £15.90 per child per week usually paid in 4 weekly increments. 


If either your or your partner’s ‘adjusted net income’ is over £50,000 a year, you may have to pay the High Income Benefit Charge. Your adjusted net income is your total taxable income before any personal allowances and less things like Gift Aid.


If both you and your partner have an individual income of over £50,000, then whoever has the higher adjusted net income is responsible for paying the charge.


If either you or your partner has an individual income of £60,000 or over, you’ll be charged the same amount as you make through Child Benefit payments. You’ll end up with no extra money from Child Benefit. You would need to fill in a Self Assessment tax return each tax year to pay the charge. Alternatively you can opt out of receiving payments to avoid paying the charge. 


The threshold increases to £60,000 per year from 06/04/2024.

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