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Do I have to file a Tax Return?

Whether you need to file a Self-Assessment Tax Return depends on your individual circumstances.


Generally, if you're self-employed, hold the position of a company director, have untaxed income such as rental earnings, or earn above a certain threshold outside of PAYE, you'll need to file a Self-Assessment Tax Return with HMRC.

Additionally, if you've made capital gains over the annual exempt amount or have complex tax affairs, HMRC may require you to submit a return.

You can find out more reasons why you are required to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return here: Self-Assessment Tax Returns.


It's always a good idea to check your specific situation or consult with a tax professional like Ultra Tax Ltd to ensure you're meeting your legal obligations. We offer free consultations to individuals and businesses of all sizes, feel free to say hello to our friendly Accountants at any time.

If you have just discovered you are required to file a Self-Assessment Tax Return, we can complete this for you, utilising all eligible Tax Reliefs.

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