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What is Marriage Tax Allowance?

Marriage Allowance allows you to transfer £1,260 of your personal allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner, reducing their tax bill by £256 in the tax year. This is incorporated into your Tax Code by HMRC.


To benefit for this, the lower earner must normally have an income which is lower than the personal allowance which is currently £12,570.


You can apply for Marriage Allowance if you’re married/in a civil partnership, you don’t pay income tax or your income is below your personal allowance and your partner pays income tax at the basic rate, generally earning between  £12,571 and £50,270 before marriage allowance. Unfortunately you’re unable to claim if you live together but aren’t married/in a civil partnership. 


It’s also possible to backdate your claim for marriage tax allowance for the prior 3 tax years, on top of the year you register for the allowance from, get in touch with the Accountants at Ultra Tax Ltd to find out what you could claim back in previously paid taxes if you think you are eligible for Marriage Tax Allowance.

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