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Can I change my Tax Return?

If you feel like you have claimable expenses which have been unaccounted for over previously submitted Tax Returns, don’t fear, amendments are still possible up to a certain Tax year. 


Following the guidance from HMRC, amendments can be backdated as far as the previous 3 Tax years. Declaring all your expenses is key to ensure you’re not left in a position of overpaying tax. There are many cases where Tax Returns have been submitted with certain claimable expenses not included, such as, mileage, food allowance and licence fees etc. Whether that's due to the previous Accountant and miscommunication, or simply the individual being unaware these were legitimate expenses they are entitled to claim for. In tern, this results in a greater amount of tax being paid for the individual. 


At Ultra Tax Ltd, we help many clients suffering in these types of situations, rectifying the previously submitted Tax Returns with the updated expenses, ensuring ALL eligible expenses are included which results in a Tax Rebate for the client, due to the overpayment of Tax previously paid. 

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