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NHS Tax Rebates

Claim Your NHS Tax Refunds Online

Understand and claim your NHS tax rebates with Ultra Tax Ltd

Whether you work for the NHS or in private healthcare, claiming your annual tax rebates is essential. Tax relief for essential healthcare workers can seem complex, but Ultra Tax Ltd simplifies the process, ensuring you reclaim the tax overpayments you’re due from HMRC. From travel expenses to uniform cleaning costs, NHS and private healthcare tax refunds cover a wide range of expenditures. With the average healthcare worker potentially reclaiming thousands of pounds over four years, there's no reason to overlook these valuable rebates.

Try our free, online tax refund calculator to get a estimate of your tax refund and get started with your tax rebate claim today.

Claim your tax refund now before it's too late. Don't wait, get your money back from HMRC. Calculate your potential tax rebate today to see if you're due a refund.

NHS Tax Rebates

How to Claim NHS Tax Rebates Online

Claim your NHS Tax Refunds online by answering some simple questions on our "Start Your Tax Rebate" page, our expert Tax Rebate Accountants can then assess your eligibility for a Tax Refund and you can determine much you're owed back. We operate on a no win, no fee, so it costs you nothing to enquire with us. 

Our form is designed to guide you through every step, ensuring you provide all the necessary details to process your claim efficiently. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to call or email us on: 01913410142


If you haven't received a P800 tax calculation from HMRC, you'll need to file a tax rebate claim to get your money back.


Here's how to Claim your Tax Back Online with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Fill in Our Tax Rebate Application

Use our simple application form to make a start on your Tax Rebate claim.

Tax Rebate Expert Appointed

Once you have completed your application, a Tax Rebate expert will be notified and begin working on your claim.

Tax Refund Received

We prepare your Tax Rebate claim and send it to you for approval. It is then filed with HMRC, then you will receive your Tax Refund.

Healthcare Tax Refunds

Claiming tax relief for healthcare workers involves less paperwork than you might expect. Here’s what we need to process your claim efficiently:

  • Travel History: The most crucial detail is a list of locations you've traveled to for work, along with the duration of each stay. Don't worry about remembering every exact detail; Ultra Tax Ltd can handle the specifics. Just provide as much information as possible, and we'll manage the rest.

  • Expense Receipts: Tax rebates for healthcare professionals like nurses aim to reimburse you for the essential costs incurred on the job. This may include uniform laundry expenses, meals purchased during work hours, and fees for professional bodies paid out-of-pocket.

  • Photo ID: A copy of your driving licence or passport will be required.

  • Wage Slips: As tax relief claims for key workers can extend up to four previous tax years, having your wage slips ready will greatly aid your claim.

  • Additional Documents: This includes any supporting documents like MOT certificates for mileage claims, P60s, and P45s. Ensure to include details from previous years if those haven’t been claimed yet.

Ultra Tax Ltd Guarantee

Ultra Tax Ltd Guarantee

Should HMRC query your return, we'll handle it at no extra cost to you.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees

Discover if you’re due a refund absolutely free.

Exceptional Service

Complete peace of mind

Our experienced team has successfully reclaimed millions in overpaid taxes.

Comprehensive Support

We take care of everything

Over 90% of our clients choose Ultra Tax Ltd for their future tax returns.

Understanding Healthcare Tax Refunds

Many healthcare professionals miss out on crucial NHS or private healthcare tax rebates simply because they're unaware of how tax refund claims work or don't realise they qualify.


Whether you're a nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, or healthcare assistant, you might be eligible for tax relief. This applies when you travel to temporary workplaces or personally cover job-related expenses. Even if you receive some allowances from your employer, you might still be entitled to claim a tax rebate for any difference not covered.

Ultra Tax Ltd is voted 2024 tax team of the year and will ensure your claim is handled expertly. Use our tax refund calculator to get a quick estimate of the rebate you could be owed.

Can I Claim a Tax Rebate Without Receipts?

Using receipts is the most reliable method to claim a healthcare worker tax refund, ensuring you reclaim all you're entitled to. However, if you lack complete documentation of your expenses, you still have options. Many healthcare roles qualify under the government's flat rate expenses system, which allows you to claim a predetermined amount each year without detailed expense records. The specific refund you can claim depends on your job role, enabling you to get back what you're owed, even without receipts.

Typically, a 4 Year NHS Tax Rebate is up to £10,000!

NHS Expenses

Travel Costs

When travelling to multiple clinics/hospitals/homes.

Food Allowance

When out at different locations.

Uniform Costs

For purchasing and/or washing uniform.

Professional Registrations

Such as HCPC, NMC, GDC etc.

Specialist Equipment

Required to carry out the duties of the job.

Union Fees

When paying into a Union for work purposes.

How Much Can I Claim for Washing My Uniform?

When filing a healthcare refund claim, you can use your receipts to substantiate the eligible expenses you've incurred and claim back the tax portion of those costs. Alternatively, for simplicity, you might opt for "flat rate expenses." Using this method, you don't need to keep detailed records but can instead rely on the government’s estimated figures. For instance, nurses can claim yearly tax relief of £125 through the flat rate expenses system.

Can I Claim a Uniform Tax Rebate?

If your job requires you to wear a uniform or other specialised work clothing, you may be eligible for a healthcare tax rebate for its maintenance. To qualify, you must personally bear the laundry costs. If your employer offers free laundry services, you cannot claim a tax rebate even if you choose to wash your uniform at home.

Do I Have to Work for the NHS to Claim Healthcare Worker Tax Rebates?

No, healthcare worker tax refunds are available to anyone in the healthcare sector who incurs out-of-pocket expenses essential to their job. This includes expenses such as travel to temporary workplaces, maintenance or replacement of work clothing, and membership fees to professional bodies, among others.


Use our online NHS Tax Calculator to get an instant estimate on your potential Tax Refund!

NHS Tax Refund Calculator

Healthcare Workers Tax Refunds

Why can healthcare professionals claim tax refunds?


Dedicating your career to caring for others shouldn’t mean losing out on money that rightfully belongs to you.


Whether you work in private healthcare, serve as a community midwife, a health visitor, or a locum consultant, you may be eligible for a tax rebate due to overpaying on your taxes.

A healthcare worker tax refund applies to anyone who:

  • Is employed under PAYE.

  • Travels to temporary work locations, using either public transport or their own vehicle.

  • Incurs and pays for part of their travel and other eligible work-related expenses themselves.

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we make it incredibly easy for our clients to claim back their tax rebates.


Whether you prefer to give us a call or simply fill out our form, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Once we receive your details, we'll check your eligibility for a rebate absolutely free of charge.


Unlike many other tax services, Ultra Tax Ltd charges a standard fee and does not take a percentage of your rebate. This means you keep the full amount of any tax refund we secure for you.


We ensure it is straightforward and hassle-free, helping you reclaim what's rightfully yours with minimal effort on your part.

Start today and find out how much you could be owed.

Please note that if you are an NHS employee working from home, you might be eligible to claim tax relief on specific expenses, including maintaining a home office.

As you prepare to submit a self-assessment tax return, it's crucial to understand your tax code and how it impacts your taxable and employment income.


Some expenses related to your job are tax deductible, potentially reducing the tax you owe and increasing any tax refund claim you might make.

Always ensure you only claim legitimate expenses to remain compliant with HMRC regulations. If you have paid tax on non-reimbursed expenses such as national insurance contributions above the basic rate, you could be due a tax rebate.

Understanding Tax Rebates: What, Why, and How

What Is a Tax Rebate?

A tax rebate, or tax refund, is a reimbursement from HMRC when you've overpaid your taxes. Here are some reasons why tax overpayments occur:

  • Incorrect Tax Code: Employers may use the wrong tax code for PAYE deductions, leading to the overpayment of tax.

  • Unclaimed Deductions: Many people overlook work-related expenses that could be claimed in a tax rebate claim.

  • Excess Advance Tax Payments: Self-employed individuals sometimes pay more than their actual tax liability due to estimated payments.

  • Emergency Tax Code: Temporary tax codes often result in excessive tax withholdings.

This financial reimbursement occurs when tax deductions exceed actual tax liability or when an individual has paid more tax than they owe due to incorrect tax withholdings or overestimation of taxable income.


To secure a tax rebate, taxpayers must actively claim it by filing a tax return, substantiating their eligibility for various tax credits or deductions they may not have claimed throughout the year such as Office supplies, Mileage costs, Work Uniform, Food Allowances, Accommodation and much more.


Understanding your eligibility for a tax rebate is crucial, as it can significantly affect your personal finances by ensuring that you are not overpaying on your taxes and are receiving all refunds due to you. 

If you need help with claimimg back your expenses click the "Claim Now" button below and find out how much you can claim back.

Healthcare Workers Tax Rebates

Why Claim a Tax Rebate?

Claiming a tax rebate ensures you receive the refunds you're legally entitled to. Eligible expenses include work uniforms, business travel, and training courses. Not claiming a rebate could mean losing thousands of pounds.

So if you've pulled out for work related expenditure, are you just going to sit there and be happy knowing that? When you could potentially get up to 29% of those costs back in the form of a tax refund? If you've spent £2,500 over the year, you could be entitled to a tax refund of £725! And that's without looking into other areas...

If you're entitled to a tax rebate, but haven't claimed the tax back yet, the question for you is: why haven't you claimed a tax rebate? 

How Does a Tax Rebate work?

After identifying refundable expenses, taxpayers file a claim substantiating their eligibility. HMRC then reviews the documentation, confirms the claim's validity, and processes the refund. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify Eligibility: We will determine if you've overpaid taxes due to eligible expenses or incorrect tax codes.

  2. Collect Documentation: We will gather the necessary receipts, payslips, mileage logs, and other financial records.

  3. Submit a Claim: We will file your claim directly with HMRC through Self Assessment or other appropriate forms on your behalf.

  4. Receive Your Refund: HMRC processes your claim and issues the refund once validated. We track the refund from submission through to payout and keep you updated throughout.

At Ultra Tax Ltd, we take away the stress from you as a taxpayer, deal with HMRC on your behalf, and claim your tax refund for you with all allowable expenses, deductions and reliefs.

So if completing long winded tax forms doesn't sound like it's for you, but you are looking to claim tax back, claim your free tax assessment with an expert at Ultra Tax Ltd, and let us do it all for you on a no win, no fee basis.

If you are looking for more information about our Tax Rebates services please follow the link to our Tax Rebates page to get a better understanding.


Fill In Our Form

Please take a minute of your time to fill in the application form above. It is extremely simple and provides us with some of the necessary information for your Tax Rebate.

Accountant Appointed

Your application will be submitted to one of our expert Tax Accountants in Sunderland who will deal with your Tax Rebate from start to finish. This will be your dedicated Accountant, at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tax Rebate Filing

Once your Tax Rebate is finalised by your dedicated Accountant here at Ultra Tax Ltd, it is then sent to you for approval. Upon approval, we submit this to HMRC for you on your behalf! Start Your Tax Rebate Today!

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