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Construction Tax Rebates

Claim Your Construction Tax Refunds Online

Understand and claim your Construction tax rebates with Ultra Tax Ltd

If you work in the building trade, you likely face numerous out-of-pocket expenses essential for your job. According to HMRC's guidelines, you can claim back a portion of these expenses as a tax rebate.

Ultra Tax Ltd are here to claim back your expenses and put your money back into your pocket.

Try our free, online tax refund calculator to get a estimate of your tax refund and get started with your tax rebate claim today.

Claim your tax refund now before it's too late. Don't wait, get your money back from HMRC. Calculate your potential tax rebate today to see if you're due a refund.

construction tax rebates

How to Claim Tax Back Online

Claim your Construction Tax Refunds online by answering some simple questions on our "Start Your Tax Rebate" page, our expert Tax Rebate Accountants can then assess your eligibility for a Tax Refund and you can determine much you're owed back. We operate on a no win, no fee, so it costs you nothing to enquire with us. 

Our form is designed to guide you through every step, ensuring you provide all the necessary details to process your claim efficiently. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to call or email us on: 01913410142


If you haven't received a P800 tax calculation from HMRC, you'll need to file a tax rebate claim to get your money back.


Here's how to Claim your Tax Back Online with Ultra Tax Ltd:

Fill in Our Tax Rebate Application

Use our simple application form to make a start on your Tax Rebate claim.

Tax Rebate Expert Appointed

Once you have completed your application, a Tax Rebate expert will be notified and begin working on your claim.

Tax Refund Received

We prepare your Tax Rebate claim and send it to you for approval. It is then filed with HMRC, then you will receive your Tax Refund.


What Can I Claim a Tax Refund On?

If you’re employed under PAYE in the construction sector, you’re entitled to claim tax refunds on a variety of job-related expenses.


These can include:

  • Travel: Costs associated with traveling to different construction sites.

  • Meals: Expenses for meals purchased while working at various sites.

  • Accommodation: If you need to stay overnight for work, you can claim for accommodation costs.

  • Protective Clothing and Tools: Expenses for essential safety clothing and tools required for your work.

Statistics show that one in three construction workers may be overpaying tax. Don't miss out on reclaiming what you’re rightfully owed. Ultra Tax Ltd specialises in securing maximum tax refunds for construction workers, ensuring you get every penny you deserve.

For more information on our Tax Rebate service vist our Tax Rebates page.

PAYE Construction Tax Refunds: Who Can Claim?

If you're working in a PAYE role within the construction industry and frequently travel to temporary work sites, you may be eligible for a substantial tax refund from HMRC.


In the building trade, accruing mileage for work travel can significantly contribute to your annual tax refund. Furthermore, daily expenses such as meals, accommodation while on the road, and maintenance costs for equipment and uniforms are all deductible under tradesman tax deductions. Additionally, fees and subscriptions to unions or professional bodies are considered valid builders' expenses if they are essential for your role.

Tracking all these details for your tax refund claim might seem daunting, but with Ultra Tax Ltd, it's straightforward and efficient.

For those self-employed under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), Ultra Tax Ltd also offers expert guidance. Our team of CIS specialists is ready to clarify what you’re owed and expedite the refund process to get your funds quickly and efficiently.

Discover what you could claim with our free tax refund calculator in less than a minute. Once you have your estimate, Ultra Tax Ltd will handle the rest from filing your claim to following up with HMRC. We keep you informed every step of the way.


Travel Costs

When at temporary sites, or at one site for 24 months or less.

Food Allowance

When at temporary sites.

Uniform Costs

Washing uniform and PPE such as protective hats and boots etc.


CSCS Card and Courses.

Tools and Equipment

Specific tools and equipment required for work.


Public Liability Insurance.

How Long Does a Tax Refund Take?

As HMRC authorised agents, when we process online claims for our clients, it typically take around two weeks to process. However, paper submissions completed by taxpayers can take up to six weeks, particularly after the end of the tax year in April.

  • Avoid Delays: Ensure your claim has accurate documentation and contact information.

  • Monitor Status: Check your Personal Tax Account or reach out to Ultra Tax Ltd for status updates.

HMRC can burn extremely slowly when it comes to paying out tax refunds, but our team consistently chase up your tax rebate to ensure you receive the refund in the quickest time possible.

No Rebate, No Fee - No Win, No Fee Tax Rebate

Ultra Tax Ltd operates on a "no rebate, no fee" basis. We charge a transparent, flat fee, meaning you won’t pay anything unless you receive a refund.

Fair Pricing:


Know upfront what you'll pay. Our fee is capped at £250, we don't take a large percentage out of your tax rebate for ourselves like most other firms, we want you to receive the most tax back as possible whilst receiving a professional service from experienced accountants. We charge a small fee in comparision with other rebate providers.


Guaranteed Satisfaction:


Our fee structure aligns our success with yours as we ensure you get the most out of your tax rebate, while we make a small amount per client. You can read our client reviews via our website or directly on Google, we are rated 5 star throughout and ensure you will receive the same service as every other client.

Typically, a 4 Year Construction Tax Rebate is up to £12,000!


Fill In Our Form

Please take a minute of your time to fill in the application form above. It is extremely simple and provides us with some of the necessary information for your Tax Rebate

Accountant Appointed

Your application will be submitted to one of our expert Tax Accountants in Sunderland who will deal with your Tax Rebate from start to finish. This will be your dedicated Accountant, at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tax Rebate Filing

Once your Tax Rebate is finalised by your dedicated Accountant here at Ultra Tax Ltd, it is then sent to you for approval. Upon approval, we submit this to HMRC for you on your behalf! Start Your Tax Rebate Today!

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